Creative Nudes for the Collector 


Herb Booth excels with his mastery of light, form and contrast. The female figure has become his trademark. It is, for him, a source of artistic inspiration as well as a means of creative expression. Quality and attention to detail are revealed in each of his photographs. The contours of his nudes express the essence of femininity while celebrating the singular beauty of the individual.

He uses different textures to create different visual effects in his images. He combines swirls of sheer fabric against wet skin, or shoots a female figure shrouded by a multitude of water droplets, to create an endless array of curving forms. He focuses on the contours and skin patterns of a group of models to create a kind of landscape. He directs the viewer through creative use of depth of field.  “I try to bring out a different mood in each photograph, sometimes using soft light and smooth lines; other times with bright colors. My favorite images are those that have a twist on reality and a touch of the surreal.” – Herb Booth